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Race Car Suspension Set-Up "Faster lap times through better suspension tuning and development"
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Our Weight Transfer Worksheet is explained in detail.  You can now do a WTW yourself on-line.  Very latest technical know-how on suspension set up and testing for racing and performance road cars.

Handling or Horse Power?....

When you want more car speed and faster lap times, it's best to work on chassis and suspension development, set up and tuning - improve the chassis dynamics.

At Racing Car Technology, our engineering procedures and suspension products are developed and race tested to meet your needs - amateur & club racing categories, performance and classic cars, tarmac rally.  We have developed the procedures needed to work out a set up for your race or performance car. 

We have new technology for race and performance car handling ....

You get fast, accurate set up info for your specific vehicle with the
" Weight Transfer Worksheet" (WTW).   We email you an Excel spreadsheet that does all the calculations.  The input data needed is quite easy to measure in your own workshop.  We have the experience to interpret the results with you.  You'll get a  good base line set up, and ideas for the direction you might take with on-going development of your set up.  The cost is A$295, including on-going email support for test sessions and your next race meeting.

Basically, we'll be able to confirm the springs and anti-roll bars you need, make some suggestions for your shock absorbers and agree your initial "workshop" set up.

Read more, and then email or phone us to get started.

It works for all cars - open wheeler, sports or touring car, front or rear wheel drive, improved high performance road car, or racing.  On a
road course, you might expect a lap time improvement of 1 to 3
seconds assuming you are a currently some way off front running lap times.  If you are already a front runner, without a development
program for your set up, surprise yourself with how much pace is left
in your chassis.

If you want to work out what springs or anti-roll bars to run on your car,
you need the Weight Transfer Worksheet (WTW).  We can get springs and bars manufactured for you.  For some classic cars, we have specifications already done for complete handling kits, improved road, or race (see side
bar at the top, for your model.).

Or Use Our Workshop and Trackside Services.....

We can design, manufacture, set up and test a complete suspension package for you......OR..........
Work with you to develop the car set up on a consulting basis.......... OR........... Any arrangement in between. 

Then we recommend a Track Test day, to refine the set up.  

We use data logging, the DL1 from Race Technology, for cars currently without that facility.

Our customers have achieved a number of first time wins and top three finishes after suspension development and setup by us.

Our Products and Services

What is a good baseline set up (eg what springs and anti-roll bars) for my race car?    The "Weight Transfer Worksheet" gives you the answers quickly and easily.

Shock Absorbers

We sell QA1 Motorsport Shock Absorbers. We build and re-valve specifically for your application.  Spherical bearing mounts, or "stock" mounts (as pictured opposite).  QA1 double adjustable, seperate compression and rebound adjusters, now available.  Truly excellent valving for racing and road performance and

We'll work with you on your race car shock absorber development,  whatever brand you are using. 

We can dyno and report on any shocks you are using.  Just the knowledge of what the shock valving is like is worth the exercise.  For adjustable shocks, we can give you some suggested settings and match the shocks side to side.

Coil Overs - Production Racing, Club Motorsport, Performance Road Car......
We can supply full conversions. 

Road or Race Shocks...
Speedway, HQ Holden, Saloon Car Challenge, Historic Racing, etc.. As Pedders Authorised Dealers, we can supply your requirements for Pedders categories.  No matter what your brand, have us graph and match your shocks.  Then we could re-check them periodically, to confirm they are still within spec. 

Lever Shocks for Historic Cars...
Lever race shock re-valving and dynoing.  Lever shock dyno force velocity graphs are used to fine adjust the valves.  We have designed valving that provides something like twice the control of a new standard lever shock, and similar to valving for a good telescopic shock. 

Springs & Anti-roll bars

You'll Need Springs...
A huge range of coil overs are available straight out of the catalogue.  For springs located as per the original production car we can design and supply made to order, or out of the catalogue for specific models.  We also specialise in the design and supply of single leaf springs.

You'll Need Anti-Roll Bars...
Your anti-roll bars have a spring rate in roll, just like your springs.  We can help you work out how much your anti-roll bars contribute to roll resistance.  Huge catalogue of performance road car bars.  For racing and road high performance, we have many anti-roll bars already designed and tested.  Contact us with your requirements.

Analyse Suspension Geometry
For weight transfer issues eg calculating springs and anti-roll bars we'll use the Weight Transfer Worksheet.
For analysing suspension geometry we use Susprog 3D ie roll centres, camber curves, scrub etc. Roll steer, bump steer, anti-dive  and anti-squat.

Suspension Components
Design, install. 

Workshop Set-up
Corner weight scaling, ride height adjustment.
4 wheel wheel alignment
Bump steer adjustment, and much more.

Track Testing
Assistance with baseline set-up to balance the car.
Data collection and analysis to optimise/get the tyres working. 
Test programming and planning.  Data logging with our loggers or help with yours.

If you'd like to discuss any of your requirements for your
race or road car, please contact us at Racing Car Technology, Batemans Bay.

Dale Thompson
Neville Smith


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Tech Magazine Article

Discussion of an article (a few years old) that demonstrates suspension set up principles......

Motorsport No 192
"The Shocking Truth" - Larry Perkins,
V8 Supercars, how they got extra car
speed with suspension development.

















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